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Body-oriented psychotherapy is essentially about regaining our natural freedom and aliveness. As human beings we are a whole of our thoughts, emotions and our bodies. These are interconnected, they influence and reflect each other. For example, if we think of something nice, it makes us happy, and you can see that in a smile or in shiny eyes. This connection also applies to all our complaints. 
In our western world we are often mainly focused on the story and try to solve problems cognitively. If this worked, we would probably have solved our problems by now, because we have been thinking more than enough about it. But actually we have forgotten to listen to the language of our body. Often we ignore or even try to suppress the emotional and physical signals we receive. They often seem to get in the way of our achievements and our happiness.

But actually the opposite is true. Our emotions and our bodies indicate very precisely what is true and what is not. They don't get in the way, they are the way! This is the starting point of body-oriented psychotherapy: relearning the language of the body and taking it seriously. Body-oriented psychotherapy is a holistic approach, not a treatment of symptoms. It is the in-depth investigation into what is really in the way and how we can become more and more alive again.

In my sessions I work trauma-informed with various methods and frameworks such as: bioenergetics, character analysis, Reichian breathwork, Gestalt, Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine) and the Polyvagal Theory (Steven Porges).

For who?

If you are stressed and experience a lot of tension / if you're worrying and even lie awake at night / if you have little energy, feel empty and tired / if you feel lonely and need contact / if you have trouble connecting with others / if you do not feel understood and met / if you have relationship problems and difficulty in contact with others / if you find it difficult to set boundaries and to say 'no' / if you adapt too much to others and you don't dare to speak up / if you want to be more assertive and show yourself more / if you want to make changes but you don't know how / with questions about meaning, looking for more direction and purpose in life / if you don't know what you really want / if you can't handle your emotions well / if you want to communicate more efficiently and empathically / if you have a lot of tension or pressure in your body / if you are curious about bodywork and if you want to know what your body and emotions want to tell you.

Possible effects

You can relax better and you feel more at ease / You are more vital, more awake and you have more energy at your disposal / There is more resilience and self-confidence / You have more direction and purpose in life and you are happier / you take initiative / you know what you want and you can communicate efficiently and empathically / you feel a deep connection with yourself and you enjoy being in contact with others / you feel more free and you dare to speak up for yourself / you know and communicate your own boundaries / you can better understand your bodily sensations, contain and regulate your emotions better, you know how to bring them into contact in a healthy way / life is a flow.

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